About Youdeline A. Deravines


Meet Youdeline, a powerhouse in the world of empowerment with over 15 years of experience delivering results for individual clients and prominent companies. She's not only an accomplished author, a dynamic speaker, and a Holistic Wealth & Business Strategist but also a dedicated Mindset & Confidence Accelerator.

Youdeline has a Master of Science in Psychology, a Bachelor in Business Administration, certification as a mindset coach, and licensed credentials as a life, health, and annuity insurance broker, her work is backed by a wealth of knowledge and expertise. As the author of impactful books like "Living Out Loud Vision Book," "How to Get a Grip of Yourself," and "Live Again Encouragement for the Soul," she's a sought-after speaker, trainer, and mindset coach, leaving a lasting impact globally.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Youdeline is a philanthropist at heart. Her spirit shines through her dedication to giving back, organizing back-to-school supplies giveaway events that have benefited over 2,000 families in South Florida and Haiti. Her determination, optimism, and commitment to personal development fuel her mission to inspire greatness within herself and others.

As the proud owner of OnTrack Empowerment Group, she leads a holistic wealth and consulting firm committed to empowering individuals and businesses on a holistic journey toward strategic wealth and accelerated growth. Leveraging the power of life and health insurance, personal development, strategic business solutions, and Artificial Intelligence Youdeline strategically empowers individuals and businesses to fast-track their growth, attain enduring wealth, and forge an indelible legacy. By guiding them to achieve their dreams, she propels them to their highest version, setting in motion ripple effects that resonate through generations.

OnTrack Empowerment Group also houses The Empowered Life Brand, a lifestyle empowerment brand featuring a curated collection of empowering books, journals, and accessories. This addition reflects Youdeline's commitment to providing comprehensive empowerment solutions.

She's the visionary behind transformative events such as "The ComeBack Woman Monologues," "Dream Out Loud Vision Party," "Living Out Loud Luxury Retreat," "Girl Exhale Conference," and "Girl Exhale Luxury Retreat." Her passion lies in curating safe and sacred experiences for women, where they can be seen, heard, understood, and empowered. With Youdeline, empowerment knows no bounds.

To book Youdeline for podcasts or speaking engagements, please email info@yourontrackgroup.com